Random tandem commission!

A few weeks ago I got an interesting commission from a couple in Belgium who’d randomly found my website by googling ‘tandem baby’. They have a tandem bicycle and we’re expecting a baby so were looking for a personalised design for a birth card.  They sent me photos and videos of them cycling in stunning locations around the world and this gave me a sense of their characters so I could make the card more personal and humorous. After much sketching and painting I came up with this, it looks so simple but it took me quite a few attempts to get it right. 

Ludo and Veronique have just had the baby, they sent me some photos yesterday and little Arthur looks totally gorgeous! They are going to send the tandem card out to their friends to welcome him to the world. I really enjoyed this project! 












2 thoughts on “Random tandem commission!”

  1. Hi, Sophie. I love this print. It is exactly like my husband and me..him sweating and me with my feet up and a burley trailing the bike. Is it possible to make any alterations to this print so it looks more like us ? Thank you.

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