Bristol Illustrations

I’ve recently created a collection of Bristol illustrations. Currently available as cards in some shops around the city and hopefully prints soon! Really enjoying the dramatic vermillion skies right now in the Suspension Bridge design, sometimes it’s good to take a bold decision!





My New Home!

I have relocated and this is my new home in Bristol, isn’t it cute! Was a bit of a transition moving from having just the one room in a flat share to a whole house, whaa! Lots of work to do and havn’t totally got it how I want yet (will take time) but have a functioning desk where I can draw and lots of space to pack cards, so that’s pretty amazing!Sophie's House


Berlin Postcards

Last Sunday I took my Berlin range of postcards to Mauer Park and sold them out of a vintage suitcase.  It was lots of fun and I met some friendly people from all over the world. Sometimes I find as an illustrator I can get a bit isolated and it’s so good to get out there and engage with people in whatever way. The bear design is new so will be getting that printed into postcards soon.

Holiday Sketches – Focusing on Drawing People

Here are some drawings from my recent travels. I’ve always been shy about drawing people so wanted to practice. I found a wonderful stationary shop in Thailand and topped up on pens. Do find it interesting how much my style changes depending on which thickness and type of pen I use. In fact it changes drastically depending on the medium, so you almost can’t tell it’s the same person behind the creations!

Optimism Vs. Pessimism


I’ve just finished this paper cut artwork called Optimism Vs. Pessimism. It’s a development of an idea from a couple of years ago when Brian and I made a stop motion animation on the same theme. The animation paper figures were very small then, so I have re-designed them a bit and made it much larger (it’s now A2 size) and it works much better. If you’d like to see the little animated clip (all 50 seconds of it!) you can view it here:  I was approached by the Goldie Hawn Foundation (Mind Up) last year and asked whether they could use the animation as part of their teaching programme in schools, of course I agreed. I am delighted to share my work with such a great organisation. You can read about their work here:

New Paper Cut Artworks. Shaping Reality.

Lately i’ve been inspired to create some new work. These paper cuts are quite abstract, leaving more up to the imagination. They are also a much larger scale than I usually work, around A2 size. I’m enjoying exploring this and seeing where it goes. The plan is to organise an exhibition later this year…exciting!