Living Legends Animation

Towards the end of last year I helped create the paper cut stop motion animation for a promotional film for Living Legends, an international project connecting oral tradition and storytelling with new technologies and animation. The short film is now finished and can be viewed below.


Here we are making the paper creatures.

To find out more:



Just like Sophie at Top Drawer

Last week I took my Just like Sophie cards to Top Drawer in London. I painted the space and put up some shelves and this became my little home for a few days. It was fun having people pop by from all different places and I made some interesting new contacts so we’ll see where that leads. Just packing up some card orders now from the show 🙂


Preparing for Top Drawer London- New Leaflets!

Hello! It’s been ages. I’ve been super busy preparing for my show at Top Drawer London next weekend. I’ll be launching my new name Just like Sophie and showing my latest card designs. The new leaflet has just arrived fresh from the printers, it’s printed on thick recycled card and looks pretty smart. If you are visiting the show, do come and see me on stand ZA47 in the greetings and stationary area. Ooh it’s all very exciting!  img_8054img_8055


Time for a new logo

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to give my card business a new name for a couple of reasons, firstly to reflect the style of the cards better and also to separate it from the other creative work I do. So, i’ve drawn a logo and the new name will be (drum roll)….Just Like Sophie. Simple hey?!just-like-sophie-logo

The Great Badger Escape!

This summer I was approached by Amanda from the organisation ‘Somerset Against the Badger Cull’. She was a fan of my work and wanted to commission me to create an original artwork that could be used to make cards and prints to sell and raise funds for the organisation and to help the poor badgers. Here is a link to their website for more information:

Here is what I came up with…


New artwork

Lately i’ve been doing some new work that is beginning to explore emotions and feelings, something i’ve not done for a long time. It is refreshing to step outside of the greetings cards world for a bit and try something different. Of course I am still doing my greetings cards as I love it and that is my business, but they are not the only thing I do. These illustrations are larger scale pieces. I am going to create a series of them. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.



let it go

‘Let it Go’