New Art Prints

Hello again, it’s been a long time since I posted on my blog, but thought i’d do a little update about my new art prints that are in stock. They are A4 size and are lovely for kids bedroom walls. My little girl loves the lion and she roar’s when she see’s it! I thought the ‘Adventure Awaits’ one is appropriate after the year we’ve all had, what a strange time it’s been. I imagine everyone’s looking forward to a holiday now…including the pets!

I update Instagram quite regularly too if anyone wants to follow me there

Thought i’d also mention that quite a lot of my card designs are up on the Thortful website, that side of my business has been doing very well during lockdown while most of the shops have been shut. The food shops that sell my cards have also been doing well, so that’s been keeping me busy, along with being a new mum! Do hope you like the new prints. Here’s to spring and brighter times ahead.